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The Brand

elco-old-logoElectrical Components Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated in 1978 and had at that time adopted the brandname “Electrical Components” with the old logo

Little attention was paid in brand development at that time largely due to the domestic orientation of the business. Being a generic name with some finding it too long to remember, “Electrical Components” brandname was shortened by local clients who used to refer to us as “EC” for short. The company began a series of exercise to promote the brand to overseas clients with Type Testing of the company’s products and “CE” marking but more confusion occurred, therefore in order to identify and orientate the company and its products a rebranding exercise was deemed necessary in order to distinguish us from our competitors. In preparing the company and its brand to achieve greater heights internationally, the company adopted a new logo and new brand name in 2002.

logoThe new brand name ELCO was derived from the first two alphabets of the word ‘ELectrical’ and ‘COmponents’. ELCO is unique and easy to remember. Incidentally, the initial rise of the ELCO brand piggybacked on the fact that a more well known brand called ATCO capacitors at that time decided to stop production of their lighting capacitors. ATCO lighting capacitors were made in Australia by the capacitor maker Plessey. This immediately launched the initial success of ELCO capacitors in the PFC lighting capacitor market in the early 2000s.

The subsequent years the ELCO brand has since achieved many international successes throughout the years continuously participating in marketing efforts through international electrical exhibitions. With the company expanding its product range into the production of 3 phase power capacitors. Working with the metal box construction first then later developing their own range of cylindrical 3 phase power capacitors. ELCO is now firmly established in ASEAN countries & Greater Asia and is currently looking to expand its foot print into the energetics sector and invite prospective partners in the renewable energy business sector to contact us.