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Human Resource – Overview

When you are an employee of ELCO, you have entered a family of individuals who understand what it means to be in a company which is a Small Medium Enterprise (SME). You see, as an SME, whilst we understand we are not physically the big boys, yet we are agile enough to compete and still survive in the competitive and often hostile environment. This enables us to be “A Big Boy” in market presence.

We are thankful that we have a team of employees, both local and foreign, who have been with ELCO, side by side combating in the market. About 80% of us have been here for at least 5 years!

Developing Human Capital

Taking care of our employees – the internal customers – means we will be geared up to do things right for our external customers. To achieve that, ELCO believes strongly in developing human capital and we have spent considerable time, effort and financial resources to ensure we are performing at high competency.

Developing our human resources also enables ELCO to forge ahead and enhance our market presence in the international arena. Recognising lack of English proficiency among our staff, we have initiated an in-house English class for 6 months in 2015.
In 2016, the company started to run a series of 6 month leadership programme to engage our young talent and groom future leaders.

Performance Driven Environment

We continue to develop ELCO as a company that takes care of the financial needs of our staffs and in doing so, ELCO believes in rewarding good performance and we have developed a challenging yet richly satisfying KPI system.


Benefits are structured to help us to develop a peace of mind for example, the company provides a medical insurance benefit to ensure that we are well taken care of, if any untoward things happen to us.

As ELCO continue to progress profitably, we constantly review and improve our benefits terms to ensure we are competitively matched in the market.

Core Values

In Human Resource, we recognise that a company has no life without staff that is developed and nurtured based on the values system and we have since 2015, embarked on the following values to anchor all of us together :

  • Accountability – we encourage each other to take ownership of the company. We treat ELCO as our own company and so we take responsibility for one another’s welfare and safety. We take responsibilities to mistakes committed and take steps to continuously improve our personal traits and the work processes.
  • Integrity – we treat each other with respect and dignity. We learn to speak the truth and shape our commitment to life and moral courage built on principles that have consistent ethics and moral standards without expecting any rewards in return.
  • Sincerity – we are encouraged to speak openly with each other with no hidden agenda; always with the intention of improving relationships and reducing conflicts.
  • Think Win Win/Teamwork – we strive to build a harmonious work environment where each of us are satisfied and felt our needs are met.

From the above four values, we encourage our staff to build a holistic perspective to life; to avoid “the dog-eats-dog world” or “to step on others to climb the ladder of success”.

We aspire to be a company that is recognised as much for our quality of products, innovation and delivery as for staff that is courageous and willing to stand for what is morally right.
The right place

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